Hi Wendy,

Great talking to you today.  Per our conversation, I wanted to let you know more about some of the other vendors that may be a great mid-market choice for you.

For workstations and benching, I would definitely consider HON and AIS.  Both are great at the mid-market areas. HON has really turned their designs around and it shows very well. Contemporary and thought out, they have a very broad range of products, plus they are very well priced and have especially well priced steel case goods.  Their new product Voi is one that I would definitely consider. http://www.hon.com/Products/Desks/Voi.aspx  Interestingly, they can match Haworth paint finishes so one strategy to consider is blending; you can use Haworth for workstations and HON for metal storage.

Lastly, I want to direct your attention to Haworth’s resource page which has a lot of whitepapers that you might find interesting and useful.  See them here: http://www.haworth.com/home/resources/research/white-papers 

I hope that helps get some ideas going!  I’ll check with Pat and see if next Wednesday is a good day for a coffee or something.



 Daniel Starr, LEED AP  daniel.starr@kayhan.com

Daniel Starr, LEED AP