5 Years with Kayhan

Holly Clarke
Director of Business Development


Holly is a Director of Business Development at Kayhan, focused on corporate, higher education, and healthcare sectors.  She combines her background in interior design with her intimate knowledge of the contract furniture industry to identify, manage, and execute complex projects both locally and nationally.  Holly’s robust network of designers, end users, real estate brokers, and contractors often become lifetime fans of her work and her ability to effectively communicate both product and application to a variety of stakeholders.

With over 14 years of experience, Holly understands, relates, and professionally addresses all opportunities and challenges that the industry brings. She has an insatiable desire to delivery flawlessly and protect her clients.  Holly has the ability to rally resources from Kayhan, the manufacturer, and even related trades to achieve results.  Any client that works with Holly will agree that her dedication to the industry and her ability to problem solve in the face of adversity are second to none.