Kayhan and Haworth Complete Furniture Installations for Northwestern Ryan Center for Musical Arts

October 15, 2015

Enjoy this short video developed by Goettsch Partners, who designed the Ryan Center for Musical Arts. Kayhan and Haworth were thrilled to outfit much of the facility.

“Northwestern University recently completed the Ryan Center for The Musical Arts building. Goettsch Partners was selected as the architect through an architectural competition process in which the participants met with key University staff to tailor the response to the specific requirements of the University. The three principal elements of the program including; performance spaces with public spaces, classrooms and offices have been integrated into a dynamic composition. The building is located on a prime lakefront site with compelling views to the city. Additionally the building forms an edge to The Arts Green comprised of numerous performance, museum and classroom facilities.

We were commissioned to photograph the building as well as shoot video for Northwestern University and Goettsch Partners. It was an incredible privelege to witness the student performances of music, the focused faculty and student interactions, as well as the administration's commitment to excellence throughout. The soundtrack for the movie was entirely derived from student performances.

The video is made more compelling by having shot the facility from the open door of a helicopter to establish the building on The Arts Green, within the Northwestern Campus, within Evanston, and on to the broader context of Chicago. “ - Credit Goettsch Partners