Different by Design.


Welcome to Kayhan and thank you for your interest in our company, the services we provide, and the solutions we sell.  We are masters in our craft, and untouched in levels of client care and aptitude.  I am proud to serve as CEO of this organization—one bound by core values, a solid mission, and a culture to advocate for our clients each and every day.

Commercial furniture is a highly complex and specialized industry. The Kayhan team has an internal drive to make the complex “easy”, minimize the uncertainty and inherent risk associated with manufactured product, and maximize the return on our clients’ investments of both time and money. 

For 36 years Kayhan has found solutions to client challenges throughout the nation and delivered dynamic and purposeful environments.

On this site you can certainly sift through products, projects, and industry research.  It is my hope, however, that you will take the time to glimpse into the lives of the people that make magic happen, get a better understanding of the true value our company brings, and connect with us.

We are more than furniture…
and we are certainly more than a dealer.


Kenneth G. Bylsma   CEO

Kenneth G. Bylsma


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Our Mission.


 As an organization, our values and culture align to:

  • Focus on the client experience

  • Provide innovative solutions

  • Celebrate personal and professional skill-sets

  • Make decisions based on metrics

  • Maintain accountability for our results

More than furniture and more than a dealer, Kayhan helps give space purpose.  We work hand-in-hand with partners and end users to deliver space that supports human performance and well-being while driving business results. We offer both research-based approaches and products to all business types and building classifications. 

We are guided by a three-pronged company vision focused on providing an exceptional client experience, being an employer of choice, and maintaining best in class operations.  As our actions and values are guided by these pillars, we will be able to effectively compete in the marketplace, expand our footprint, and diversify our portfolio – all while providing a solid career path for members and delivering purposeful space to our clients.