From Start-up to Global Fortune 100 companies, Kayhan has helped thousands of businesses create successful work environments. We focus on achieving a client’s design intent, price- point, and project schedule requirements.

Many of our corporate clients desire company-wide furniture standards in order to better control purchases, manage assets and respond to the changing needs of their business. Kayhan has worked with hundreds of clients to create corporate standards thus maximizing discounts, reducing inventories, and facilitating ease of change.

We offer a wide range of application solutions to meet new corporate workspace goals ranging from interactive, collaborative and social space to formal, focused and private space. Your Kayhan team work closely with you and your project team members to ensure your space reflects your brand identity requirements.


Learning institutions have special needs relating to health, safety, and product durability. Their environments are evolving to meet the needs of new generations of students, ever-advancing technology, and a variety of learning environments. 

To meet these needs, Kayhan has carefully selected manufacturing partners who design and manufacture to rigorous 'school' requirements, who create modular, flexible solutions conducive to changing facility and staff needs, and who allow for the integration of new technologies.


Designers and end users alike have been challenged with creating or refreshing areas that meet the changing needs of today’s active adult community. Spaces must be fresh, agile, and keenly aware of the safety and mobility of the user. They must invigorate the senses, increase social interaction, and be universally comfortable.

Kayhan maintains a core competency in the active adult/senior living market. Our team has the knowledge and relationships to blend the varying degrees of hospitality, living, and healing environments often incorporated into such facilities.  

Kayhan's goal for your healthcare facility is to create a supportive environment that encourages patient comfort, staff productivity, and most importantly- healing. We can help you create unique healthcare environments by combining our knowledge and experience with our broad offering of attractive, durable, and affordable healthcare solutions.

We take a fresh approach to the way we support healthcare professionals who are passionate about enhancing their work environments and patient care practices. Our approach is ‘patient-centered’ with the ultimate goal of providing environments that perform at the highest levels, adapt easily to change, and support the overarching goal of providing safe, effective care.


The line between commercial and residential space continues to be blurred.  Much of Kayhan’s product offering is suitable for both public and private use, and can be seen in a variety of applications.

From public lobbies and recreation rooms in condo and apartment buildings, to the finest leather sofas and lighting in custom homes, Kayhan’s team is able to provide your desired style with impeccable service and white glove delivery.

Customize product finishes and fabrics to your liking, and reap the benefits of commercial grade quality and warranties for residential use. 

A perfect way to dip your toe into commercial grade products for your home is to visit our store site,, and purchase something for your home office.  Shipping and taxes are included on our store site!