X99 Task - by Haworth

X99 Task - by Haworth

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Equal parts style and functionality, X99 Task works more like a partner than a piece of furniture. It’s supportive, active, familiar—beautifully designed and ergonomically engineered for one body type – yours.

Designed and engineered for a global environment by Haworth, Comforto and Germany’s ITO Design, X99 maintains the highest level of performance. The exhilarating ride is highly responsive to all body movements, and every personal adjustment has been precisely engineered. A brilliant integration of design with performance.

Choose from loop or 3D arms.  X99's 3D arms adjust in height with arm caps that slide and pivot, providing maximum support.

Seat / Back Fabric Combinations:
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Fabric Combinations

(Larger is Seat Fabric, Inset is Mesh Back)