Pat Turnbull, President and COO


President and COO


A Letter from the President.

We know that your work environment is an important investment that can impact people, productivity and brand  image. Kayhan is a trusted partner and expert in workplace strategy, furniture planning, specification,  coordination, installation and related services. Our focus is on providing a repeatable and tailored service model  that ensures quality, on-time, on-budget project delivery and complete client satisfaction. Guaranteed.

Kayhan International’s unique business model, significant experience and active management style allows us to  negotiate effectively, implement flawlessly and build long term partnerships to maximize value for our customers.  Our seasoned employees are known for their unparalleled experience, passion, creativity and ‘can do’ attitude.

We work with clients who have local, national and/or global workplace needs and address industry specific  requirements including those in Corporate, Higher Education, Healthcare and Government sectors. We do this with a perspective of supporting sustainability goals and creating a healthy, productive built environment.

We look forward to serving you and to contributing to the success of your organization.

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Kayhan Hellriegel
Founder (1940 - 2015) 

Daniel Hellriegel

Shirley Sadjadi
Corporate Counsel

Jim Idstein

Pat Turnbull
President, COO

Jackie Chambers
Executive VP, Operations &
Workplace Furnishings

Hal Nachenberg
VP, Facility Services

Anthony Hansen
VP, Marketing & Brand Experience

Rebecca Phelan
NBD / A&D Relations

Stacie Dustin
Director of Design

Susan Najera
Director of Global Accounts

Jonathan Beeman
Director of Business Development

Holly Clarke
Director of Business Development

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