The purpose of a furniture dealer.


Explaining what a furniture dealership does is a small feat. 
It is easiest to draw a parallel to a car-buying experience…

Let’s talk cars.

Manufacturers are responsible for the actual production of a quality product for the consumer. There are many manufacturers−some focus on inexpensive or entry-level vehicles and others luxury… some are known for their hybrids while others are known for their trucks. Some are made in the United States and others are imports. Each develops their offering based on research and buying trends, adheres to strict guidelines with regards to safety protocols, and is responsible for their marketing and brand awareness. Warranties vary between manufacturers, as do colors and abilities for a buyer to customize the vehicle.

Dealers are the distribution arm for manufacturers. They are often are aligned with a few primary manufacturers and are responsible for selling cars to consumers. They provide field staff to engage with consumers, experience vehicles in their showrooms and lots, and are knowledgeable of the features of each vehicle and the price points associated with them. As liaisons between the manufacturer and the buyer, dealers are also the first line of assistance to service vehicles and handle warranty work. Some dealers sell new cars only, and some also sell used. Some provide white glove delivery and some offer additional incentives to ensure the buyer is happy. 

Let’s talk furniture.

Commercial furniture dealers are an extension of the manufacturing chain and exist to streamline the purchasing process while advocating for the client.

Swapping the car manufacturer and dealer analogy with furniture is a similar concept, except a furniture dealer is much more involved in the process and end result. A furniture dealer such as Kayhan is comprised of multiple disciplines: 

  • Sales / Account Executives – guide the client through the process

  • Workspace Designers – customize and specify the product to the client’s liking and budget

  • Client Experience Specialists – ensure that the manufacturer fabricates the product according to specifications

  • Project Managers – oversee the delivery and installation of the product at the client’s site

Designers in a dealership are key components that navigate the many manufacturers’ parts and pieces, are knowledgeable about codes and pricing, and can translate the client’s or architect’s vision into furniture that will stand the test of time.  In a car dealership, the customization of a vehicle is limited to the manufacturer’s preset. In the furniture world, the dealer design team holds the key.

Your furniture dealer can help you navigate through complex installations where buildings are under construction or need to be phased. The dealer can orchestrate a seamless fabrication and installation schedule with multiple manufacturers across the world that dovetails into an existing space that cannot be ‘down’ or lose productivity time. 

Furniture dealers are your lifeline when something goes wrong with a product or you need to add to, remove, or reconfigure your space. Dealers work for the client and not the manufacturer, and advocate on their behalf in every instance.

Commercial vs. Retail or Online Furniture.

We are fully aware that time is precious. Many people purchase furniture at a store because they can take it with them immediately, and some prefer to purchase online as they can get it in just a few days. 

Like time, quality is precious. Commercial grade furniture is manufactured under stringent guidelines regarding strength and durability, health and code compliance, and warranty standards that far exceed retail and online suppliers. Many commercial grade products are manufactured here in the United States by artisans that stand behind their work and take pride in their offering. Most importantly, commercial grade furniture is not mass produced but manufactured to your specifications. Typically commercial furniture can take a few weeks to be created and delivered. This includes curated products we have available for purchase through our website.

We are also fully aware that cost is a critical factor in the buying process.  Commercial furniture is an investment, not a commodity. The furniture a dealer sells is not going to compete with online clearinghouses. It is not meant to. Quality, warranty, customization, and service factor into the price of your commercial furniture. 

Dealers are an extension of the manufacturing chain.
We streamline the purchasing process while advocating for the client before and after a purchase.

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